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Come explore the great outdoors with my family, dogs and myself. Located in Jacksonville, Florida, we explore the great outdoors along the Atlantic Ocean. We may not always get to travel far, but we always make the best of what is over the next hill or sand dune. We have a strong believe, that ever place is worth exploring, even if it is just your backyard.

National Hiking Societies National Trails Day at Okefenokee National Refuge

The Okefenokee National Refuge is almost more a place of legend in the southeast instead of a physical space. We all grew up hearing about the Okefenokee swamp as the[…]

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Car Emergency Bag

Car Camping Emergency Bag

Car Camping Emergency Bag   If you are anything like me, this is probably not the first car camping article you have checked out. You are making a list and[…]

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Hiking in Florida

There is No Hiking in Florida

What do you picture when someone mentions the word “hiking”? Do you picture mountains, forests, and waterfalls? Do you picture gazing at the valleys below from mountain lookouts? On the[…]

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Marketing Chief 
and Outdoor Explorer 

This page not only serves as my blogbut is also an active brand to bring the outdoors with you through products and engaging articles. I have been working in Marketing and in Graphic Design since 2008 and would love to have you join me on my future future projects. 

More About Me

Introducing Florida Animal Series

Currently we have the new Catfish, Florida Black Bear, and Manatee design to bring the outdoors with you on your daily adventures.


“The catfish also known as the “Kitty Fish” is our most popular design, get your own before it swims away.

Florida Black Bear

Did you know that Florida has bears? The Florida Black Bear loves some honey and would love for you to take him home. 


Manatees are real life mermaids Florida’s darling! Give this sweetheart creature the love it deserves. 

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