Florida Animals Coloring Pages

Need something for your children to do? Download the Florida Animals Coloring Pages for an afternoon of fun!

Gold Head Creek

Is Mike Roess Gold Head Branch State Park Dog Approved?

If you were a hound would you hike Mike Roess Gold Head Branch State? Gold Head Branch State Park is one of the top locations for seeing a variety of Florida landscapes and Florida history Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) architecture. Gold Head is located in-between Jacksonville and Gainesville Florida in Clay County. Dogs are allowed…
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National Hiking Societies National Trails Day at Okefenokee National Refuge

The Okefenokee National Refuge is almost more a place of legend in the southeast instead of a physical space. We all grew up hearing about the Okefenokee swamp as the mythical place of alligators, fires, and the Skunk Ape. Not all of these things may be real but the Okefenokee is a real living breathing…
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Car Emergency Bag

Car Camping Emergency Bag

Car Camping Emergency Bag   If you are anything like me, this is probably not the first car camping article you have checked out. You are making a list and checking it twice; making sure you haven’t forgotten anything in a life or death situation. However, be honest with yourself, are you really going to…
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Hiking in Florida

There is No Hiking in Florida

What do you picture when someone mentions the word “hiking”? Do you picture mountains, forests, and waterfalls? Do you picture gazing at the valleys below from mountain lookouts? On the other hand, do you not picture beaches, flat lands, and razor sharp palmettos of the southern landscape? All of these things can be found in…
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