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Florida Animals Coloring Pages

Need something for your children to do? Download the Florida Animals Coloring Pages for an afternoon of fun!

Gold Head Creek

Is Mike Roess Gold Head Branch State Park Dog Approved?

If you were a hound would you hike Mike Roess Gold Head Branch State? Gold Head Branch State Park is one of the top locations for seeing a variety of Florida landscapes and Florida history Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) architecture. Gold Head is located in-between Jacksonville and Gainesville Florida in Clay County. Dogs are allowed…
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Karlstal Gorge by Chris Trembley

Karlstal Gorge by Chris Trembley

The beautiful Karlstalschlucht, or Karlstal Gorge, is a 1.8 mile long natural formation that was later developed in the late 1700s by Friedrich Ludwig von Sckell in the German district of Trippstadt. Aside the man-made trail flows a winding stream that cuts through the boulder laden gorge sideface. Askew with bridges and formed rock steps…
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The YouTube Adocalypse

I can’t count the times that I have been glued to my camera while exploring the outdoors. Part of me does it for social media, to help inspire others to get outdoors and the other part does it because for pure enjoyment. Turning on my camera and seeing the world through that little screen allows…
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Section Hiking New River Gorge

Section Hiking: The Practical Compromise

Section Hiking: The Practical Compromise *Article First Appear at* Section hiking is likely to be the only thing that makes completing your favorite long-distance trail a reality for most of us. When most picture a thru-hiker, they imagine someone just out of school young enough to live foot-loose and fancy-free, or someone old enough…
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Cumberland Island Beach Cold Weather

UST Products for Colder Weather

By the start of November, the leaves have started to turn and the mornings greet us with a crispness in the air. Even though the weather may be chilly, it shouldn’t stop you from strapping on your hiking pack and enjoying the great outdoors. To help you stay safe during the colder months, we have…
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Skyline Drive

Hello world!

Being out in nature has taught me a lot along the way. You can read about some of my adventures and some of the lessons here in my blog. Some of my writing has even been features by others so make sure to give them a read as well.