UST Products for Colder Weather


UST Products for Colder Weather

Cumberland Island Beach Cold Weather

By the start of November, the leaves have started to turn and the mornings greet us with a crispness in the air. Even though the weather may be chilly, it shouldn’t stop you from strapping on your hiking pack and enjoying the great outdoors. To help you stay safe during the colder months, we have compiled our list of the Top 10 UST Products for Cold Weather.


  1. Survival Blanket 2.0 — Although it seems unassuming, this is also one of the most versatile items on our list. The Survival Blanket 2.0 not only serves as a blanket, but also as a ground cover and can also be used to create a lean-to shelter. In addition to protecting you from the elements, the Survival Blanket can insulate your food on trips. Wrap your food in the three-ply blanket to keep it either hot or cold and ensure a perfect meal at the end of the trail.


  1. TekFire — The TekFire Fuel-Free Lighter is quickly becoming a UST favorite. Leaving the butane at home provides you with some extra space in your pack that may already be a little heavier during the colder months. Just charge your lighter at home before your trip, and you’ll be able to start a fire wherever you need to. The included ParaTinder lanyard provides about 3 feet of all-purpose paracord with an added single tinder thread.


  1. Folding Stove and Fuel — If you plan on being outdoors for more than just a few hours, having the gear necessary to prepare a meal is essential. Our Folding Stove is durable, lightweight, and compact enough to take up very little space, yet supports most cooking pots. May we suggest the UST Solo Cook Kit? (link the Solo Cook Kit) Each fuel cube burns for approximately 18 minutes and can boil water for your dehydrated meal or even warm up a can of soup.


  1. Reusable Hand Warmer — Staying warm during your outdoor adventures is just as important as the meals you prepare for yourself on the trail. The Reusable Hand Warmer fits easily in your pocket or in your pack on the trail. Once activated by a click of the metal disk inside, the hand warmer will provide up to 2 hours of heat. The UST Reusable Hand Warmer is environmentally friendly, and unlike most others, can be reused many times. Once the heat runs out, the warmer can be rejuvenated with boiling water. Complete instructions are printed on each hand warmer.


  1. Tight Light 1.0 – Colder weather also means longer nights and more need for additional light. Our Tight Light 1.0 is small and portable, easily fitting in any pack. With an adjustable cord, the Tight Light provides a comfortable fit and the handy clip provides additional options to attach the light to a cap or pack.


  1. Heritage Campfire Kit and Heritage Campfire Forks — Arguably the best part of colder weather is the campfires that you get to enjoy with others. After a long day on the trail, or even when making memories with your friends and family, campfires seem to be a focal point of many fall activities. The Heritage Campfire Kit is a complete set to start your fire. Included in the burlap sack is a fire starter, tinder, kindling logs, and even an educational set of cards that will teach you the basics of fire building. Once the fire is built, break out your Heritage Campfire Forks to enjoy the tasty marshmallows!


  1. Being outdoors doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the creature comforts of home. Enjoy a hot cup of coffee on the trail with our FlexWare Coffee Drip and KLIPP Biner Mug. Just line your coffee drip with a filter and place over your mug, add your coffee, then pour hot water over it. In just a few minutes, you’ll have a fresh, hot cup of coffee to help keep you warm. The KLIPP Biner Mug can be clipped to the outside of your gear to help save space.


  1. U-Dig-It Extreme Shovel — In some parts of the country, snow has already started to fall. The U-Dig-It Extreme Shovel is perfect for clearing your path or for building an emergency shelter in the snow, such as a Quinzee. At less than 18 ounces and with a telescoping handle that collapses completely for storage, the U-Dig-It Extreme is the perfect lightweight, yet durable shovel for all your tough jobs this winter.